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The Equity Grades Digital Retail Investor Program (DRIP)

At Equity Grades we help your public company, or a company soon to be going public, reach a qualified audience of retail and high net worth investors and convert them into shareholders.

We are not an investor relations firm or an investment advisor, we are a group of proven capital market specialists that know how to tell your company story in the most compelling and effective way.

We don’t want to replace your current Investor Relations staff or programs but we will give your investor outreach a significant boost by increasing their effectiveness and generating more leads so your staff can focus on what they do best.

Our DRIP program tells your story to the retail investment public in the most effective way, helping you build a solid network of investors who are loyal followers of your company.



But how? 

We focus on telling your unique value proposition in the most compelling way while pushing this message out through our various media channels to active investors. This multi-faceted approach generates large numbers of qualified investor leads and generates significant market awareness for your company. In short, we’ll make your pitch go viral.

We are the conduit between yourself and the most important types of investors on the planet: the retail investor.

If you would like to find out more about what is likely the most effective investor marketing program in existence today: DRIP,

please contact: