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[ppb_text_sidebar size=”one” title=”About Us” slug=”About-Us” sidebar=”Home Sidebar” custom_css=”” ]Equity Grades is an investment website which highlight undiscovered and underfollowed small-cap companies trading on TSX Venture Exchange and CSE.

We understand that there are a lot websites, blogs and forums out there that promise huge returns with limited risk over a short period of time. Unfortunately, this is usually biased advice from armchair, part-time, coffee break traders.

Equity Grades is researched and written by market insiders who, combined have more than 20 years of experience investing, financing, building and selling publicly-traded small-cap companies. Our goal is to bring you the most accurate information, so you can make your own informed decision with your investment and tip the playing field in your advantage. Many our featured companies have gone on to do tremendous things, and we’re proud to have been a part of it, often highlighting and shining a light on these unknown companies before “the Street” took notice. The companies we feature have been pre-screened and brought to us by our vast institutional network across the world, so we can bring forth the very best opportunities.

Investing and trading junior, small-cap stocks is all about backing the right people, with the right money to get after the right idea. Moonshots work best. These are huge, game-changing ideas that offer the opportunity to obtain the acceptance of the small but powerful investment community.

We are the sought-after individuals who get to see these ideas early, often before the general market and look for the common traits that lead to success. We want to share this our access with you, the general investing public.

We focus on the Cannabis, Tech, and Mining sector but will also highlight others that MAKE THE GRADE.[/ppb_text_sidebar]

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